As you may know, this year hasn't been short of its challenges. However, the human spirit if not anything is positive and adaptable.

But as challenging as it has been to adapt to all the changes, it's been twice as hard for our loved ones in the nursing homes. The need for love, kindness, and generosity is never more needed than with the residents of Bethel Lutheran Nursing Home.

You see, the 50+ residents that currently live at Bethel need us. They went through this year with very little opportunities to see their loved ones. Can you imagine how hard that has to be for them?

After all, the residents of Bethel Lutheran Nursing Home are our former leaders, workers, and other key beloved members of Madison. These residents have stitched the fabric of Madison, and some even may say that the amazing Madison we have today is in part because of these residents.

I do have a vested interest as one of these wonderful residents is my Grandma Iola Robson, whom I miss excruciatingly so. I had the idea to send Christmas cards to her as this is her favorite time of the year. The idea was to send as many as our friends and family could send.

But why stop there? Perhaps the other residents need to know they are loved this Christmas season as well and not forgotten.

So the opportunity is yours for the taking if you so choose. Let's start sending as many Christmas cards as possible to Bethel Lutheran Home starting December 1.

Due to confidentiality, the names of the residents cannot be released. Just send the cards to Bethel Lutheran Home and the staff there will make sure each resident gets at least one Christmas card. We suggest a greeting of "Dear Friend," "Greetings to you" or "Merry Christmas."

The address is: Bethel Lutheran Home, 1001 S. Egan Ave., Madison, S.D., 57042.

Thank you to all who will participate. Merry Christmas!                                                Tyler Quenzer

Madison, Nov. 24