It's way too early to declare victory, but we're pleased with the reported numbers so far in Dakota State University's effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Students started moving into residence halls 17 days ago. Classes started 13 days ago. As of this morning (Tuesday), just two students have tested positive for COVID-19, and no faculty or staff have tested positive.

Some clarification about the numbers: The numbers are for this fall only. There are current students who had COVID-19 previously and have recovered and returned to school. Any positive cases on campus will be reported in the county of that person's residence. If a DSU student from Sioux Falls contracts COVID-19 on campus, the data would be recorded in Minnehaha County's numbers, not Lake County's.

In addition to positive or negative tests, some students, faculty or staff are considered in isolation or quarantine, based on possible exposure to a positive case. As of this morning, six people associated with DSU are in isolation or quarantine on campus, while 12 others are elsewhere, probably at home.

Again, it's early in the school year, but DSU has the fewest active cases (two) among the six public universities in South Dakota so far. The second smallest number is 12 at Black Hills State University; the highest number is 235 at the University of South Dakota.

So what do good teams do when they have a lead? Hint: they don't let up and lose the lead. They try to extend the lead by doing what has worked so far and think of even more ways to be successful. We think DSU is doing that right now.

-- Jon M. Hunter