Construction restarts on N. Egan duplex project

CONSTRUCTION WORKERS continue framing a duplex at 709 N. Egan Ave. (building at right) while other workers are busy completing the interior for the duplex next door at 705 N. Egan Ave. The housing project's developers plan to have the multi-resident congregate duplex at 705 N. Egan Ave. ready for occupancy at the start of 2021.

The Brookings real estate company that is currently constructing multi-residential housing near the Dakota State University campus plans to have one of its duplexes completed in December and to accept tenants at the start of 2021.

According to Dusten Hendrickson, a real estate developer and part owner of the two duplex buildings, the construction crew working on the congregate-living dwelling at 705 N. Egan Ave. should have the building ready for renters when the spring semester at DSU starts.

"Anyone looking to rent for the university's second semester, we should be ready then...Hopefully, the first building will be full on Jan. 1," Hendrickson said.

The construction workers are expected to have the second duplex -- next door at 709 N. Egan Ave. -- completed in March.

Hendrickson, president of Brookings Built Green, said the construction schedule is unusual for housing that is expected to serve tenants associated with a college or university. Most university housing managers would want to have their dwellings ready for occupancy at the start of a fall semester.

However, for the N. Egan Ave. project, a halt had occurred during the spring and summer months this year. Hendrickson said construction started in fall 2019 but in February, one investor decided to pull out of the project due to a business disagreement. According to Hendrickson, who is also a one-third owner of the development project, the construction in Madison halted and other owners associated with Opel Opportunity Zone Fund LLC bought out the partner who was reluctant about the project.

Hendrickson said the COVID-19 pandemic also complicated the construction project. He apologized to Madison residents for the halt in construction, saying that the partners needed to work out ownership issues before construction restarted.

Construction work restarted on Aug. 1, and the framing for the duplex building at 709 N. Egan Ave. began on Sept. 1, according to Hendrickson.

Within the construction plans, each lot on N. Egan Ave. would have duplex housing that contains 12 sleeping units, with six sleeping areas located in each half of the two-story duplex building. Hendrickson said each sleeping area has its own bathroom, but each of the duplexes has a communal kitchen, dining area and lounge.

Each of the lots will also have parking lots in the rear of the buildings. Under the new changes to Madison's zoning for congregate living dwellings, the property owners need to provide at least one parking space for each of the sleeping quarters.

Hendrickson said construction workers are currently working on the interior to the south duplex building. The construction crew is supposed to start installing drywall in the building within the next two weeks.

The real estate developers are planning to provide housing for up to 24 tenants when the duplexes are completed.

According to Hendrickson, the project's housing management company, Mills Property Management, will accept tenant applications this fall. Mills Property Management has an office on S. Washington Ave. in Madison.