When it comes to human needs, it doesn't get any more important than good food. And we're glad to see Lake County organizations focusing intently on that basic need.

Recent editions of the Daily Leader had stories about the conclusion of Madison Central School District's summer sack-lunch program, Lake County Food Pantry and the United Methodist Church's Gathering meal.

We applaud all those who support these organizations as volunteers or contributors.

The school district's summer lunch program, new this year as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, needed volunteers to help with the distribution. The food pantry is managed by a volunteer board, accepts donations of food and money to operate, and uses a portion of the Presbyterian Church as its food storage facility. The Gathering is sponsored by the Methodist Church, which provides the space and volunteers, and is further supported by hundreds of volunteers from dozens of organizations to serve each week.

We see only good things happening with all of these programs: nutrition, satisfaction, fellowship and support. While many people have never been in a position of needing donated meals to survive, we know that many people need exactly what these programs are providing. And they need it every day, week or month.

We recognize that there are other programs sponsored by governments, like SNAP and WIC, that help people. But there is something extra about neighbors helping neighbors that benefits the recipients, volunteers and donors. The person-to-person element, combined with food, makes the connection so valuable.

We're glad to see these organizations succeed in their efforts and thank them for the work they'll do in the future.

-- Jon M. Hunter