Most people are more than a little tired of 2020. With the number of new COVID-19 cases in South Dakota dropping after a rough fall and vaccines on the horizon, some may boldly choose to celebrate New Year's Eve as they have in years past.

The Madison Public Library is offering an alternative event for those seeking a safe and family-friendly way to "Drive out 2020!"

On Thursday at 11:30 a.m., families are invited to gather in front of the 4-H grounds at 1000 S. Egan Ave. for a "Noon Year's Eve" car parade.

"Everyone is invited," children's librarian Lisa Martin emphasized.

Participants are encouraged to decorate their vehicles and grab noisemakers. A police escort will lead the parade north on Egan Ave. to N.E. 1st St., where it will make a right turn, travel two blocks and make another right turn on Lee Ave.

Making noise on New Year's Eve is an ancient tradition and is believed to chase away evil spirits as well as bring good luck in the coming year. Martin said she is hoping people will throw off their Midwestern restraint as they travel through Madison's business district and make lots of noise. She is also hoping local business owners will step outside and join in chasing away the spirit of 2020.

The weather will determine what happens when cars arrive at Library Park. If the weather is warm enough, a scavenger hunt will be organized, giving children the opportunity to find small treats. If the temperatures are not conducive to outdoor activities, children will be given small treats while remaining in their cars.