Community owned. Customer focused. Locally controlled.

These words describe the benefits offered by an establishment in your community; one whose services you utilize every single day: your local municipal electric utility.

We celebrate these advantages and more during Public Power Week Oct. 4-10.

Madison is a public power community. The city owns and operates its own electric utility; an investment that had YOU, the citizens in mind.

Public power utilities do not serve stockholders. They are owned by the community and run as a division of local government.

The utility's priorities are customer focused and based on what's best for the community.

You get a say in those priorities because decisions are made right at home in Madison. Meetings are open to the public with an opportunity for you to provide comments. You get a voice in who is making those decisions through local elections.

Heartland Consumers Power District is proud to supply electricity to Madison and to work with the dedicated employees who power through even the toughest times to keep the lights on.

I encourage you to discover all the advantages offered by your local public power utility by visiting

Russell Olson, CEO

Heartland Consumers

Power District

Madison, Oct. 2