One can easily draw some conclusions from the three questions asked by Dennis Nickel in the Friday, September 25, Madison Daily Leader; and I will offer a few that I immediately thought of.

In the first place, if someone has to ask those questions, they wouldn't understand the answers anyway, so I am not going to play Mr. Nickel's silly game.

However, if you are some kind of financial wizard and think your IRA, 401K or any other retirement fund you might have will be worth more under socialism/Marxism/communism, then you should vote for Hid'n Biden/Harris.

If it doesn't bother you to have babies murdered right up to their time of birth, or even right after a lie birth, then you should also vote for Hid'n Biden/Harris.

If you are one of the lunatic fringe and think socialism/Marxism/community, or liberal anarchy, will float your boat better, then you definitely need to vote for Hid'n Biden-Harris.

Don Hulm

Madison, Sept. 26