God bless America, the land I love. A nation is somewhat like a garden. If you do not care for it, it goes away. Our president cares for himself rather than for the nation. This is the first such liar and criminal that is commander-in-chief while calling military personnel by rotten names while he was once a draft dodger. Such persons should not have Secret Service.

He seems to care for citizens as bad as Hitler in Germany with thousands of unneeded deaths. Thousands of children on the southern border are abused and dying. He also did not mind the thousands of shootings in schools, churches and everywhere. The last is causing about 200,000 deaths of U.S. citizens in the states throughout our nation. He even lied about this and discouraged masks. That is a lot of COVID-19 deaths. Like Hitler, he was unconcerned.

His overall goal is to be a U.S. dictator like Russia's Putin, and help him take over the U.S. He is constantly visiting the dictators of the world for training. His main trainer is very rich Putin. He wants to be a lifetime dictator like the other dictators. That's why he belittles our military and is not phased by thousands of deaths.

Nations more often fall from within like Trump is doing. Foreign aggression with wars is less common in countries.

Max Allen

Yankton, Sept. 24