Editor, The Daily Leader:

On Tuesday July 14, the Lake County Commission will hold an emergency meeting at 9 a.m. to discuss implementing an additional county tax to pay for road and bridge repair.

As you will recall, this is the same approach the commission attempted in 2017. At that time, their decision was referred to a vote by the people and the additional tax was defeated by 82.5% of the voters.

SDCL 10-12-13 allows counties of our size to assess an additional tax up to 90 cents per thousand dollars of valuation for the purpose of road and bridge repair. Our current county tax is 2.658 per thousand dollars of valuation. Should the commission approve the maximum allowed by law, this will translate into a 33.86% increase in your county tax bill in future years.

Please contact your elected county commissioners and tell them you cannot afford this additional tax increase. If possible, plan to attend the meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 14.

Just three short years ago, we defeated this tax by a vote of 1,465 to 310. Remind the commission that in this election year, 82.5% of recent voters were against this tax.

Steven Kant

Wentworth, July 9