In May 1998, community representatives met to create a public transit program for Madison and Lake County, governed by an 11-member board of directors. After the official documents were created and filed, it was determined that the board lacked any knowledge or expertise on operating a public transit program, dealing with state and federal funding, and their respective policies and procedures to operate.

Twenty-two years ago, East Dakota Transit, Inc. contracted with Interlakes Community Action Partnership (ICAP) to manage the program on behalf of the governing body. Over time, ICAP would be managing five different transportation programs in eastern South Dakota.

This past spring, the ICAP board of directors decided to discontinue their transit management contracts beginning October 1, and our board voted to secure a management agreement with Rural Office of Community Service (ROCS) as of October 1. This transition will be a seamless one, in that both our transportation coordinator and the staff will be with ROCS beginning October 1 as well.

On behalf of the board of directors of East Dakota Transit, I want to express our appreciation and thanks to Cindy Dannenbring; ICAP Executive Director, and the agency management and financial staff for the excellent and professional relationship we had with ICAP in these twenty-two years of helping to provide public transit to the citizens of Madison and Lake County.

Jim Iverson, Chairman

Board of Directors

East Dakota Transit

Madison, Sept. 28