As I sit here in my winter coat outside my husband's bedroom window at Bethel, I have many opportunities to observe staff working with the residents.

I spend many hours at his bedroom window and the cafeteria window. While I am fighting tooth and nail to be able to get into the home to be with my  husband, I have to say that I am impressed with the care and compassion I see from the employees. Not perfect, but while I have been refused entrance into the home since last May, I know that my husband is being cared for by employees who do their job with care, consideration and compassion for their residents. A big thank you to them!

My being allowed into the home depends primarily on the status of COVID cases in Lake County, Please, everyone, practice safe health choices to lower the cases in Lake County. What you do or don't do could be keeping me from being able to hold my husband's hand again!

Kathi Eisenbeis

Madison, Oct. 2