With the arrival of winter sports, some restrictions are in place for fan attendance at Madison home contests and other events.

Fans are required to wear masks at every Madison indoor event.

"Once everybody got used to it in the fall, there was never a big problem," said Madison athletic director Michael Ricke.

A limited number of fans can attend events. Madison is hosting a round robin wrestling meet on Thursday at the high school. There will be two passes per participant, plus 50 high school student passes.

These numbers will be the same for the visiting team/teams.

Fans must get a voucher from a participant.

"Besides the voucher, fans will be required to pay an admission charge," Ricke said. "We want to be very strict with the number of passes at first. We can always loosen up as the season goes along."

The host teams will determine the restrictions.


For home gymnastic meets, participants will have two passes each, and there will be 15 high school student passes available. These numbers are more restricted due to the fact that the Gymnastics Center is a lot smaller than the MHS Gym.

For the Linda Collignon Gymnastics Invitational, there will be just 12 teams competing this season.

"We will have three different pods with four teams each competing at the same time," Ricke said. "After those four teams are done, they will leave."

Then there will be a clean-up period and the next pod will enter and compete.


Passes will vary for dual, triangular and quadrangular meets, according to Ricke.

"During the meets, we need enough room to have camps for each school participating," Ricke said. "We don't have enough locker rooms."

For the Madison Wrestling Invitational on Dec. 19, there will be only nine teams competing. Last year there were 21 teams.

"This is a state restriction; they don't want more than 112 wrestlers at a time," Ricke said.

Madison will host a junior high wrestling jamboree on Monday and no fans are allowed.

"We want more kids to have a chance to wrestle," Ricke said.


The number of passes issued will vary from doubleheaders to single games.

One of the major basketball events for Madison each December is the Michael J. Entringer Scholarship Classic. This year, in both the girls and the boys events, instead of playing all games in one location, 10 different sites will host just one game.

"There will be less restrictions on attendance doing it this way, so there should be more fans attending the games," Ricke said.

Another big basketball event hosted by Madison is the Dakota XII/Northeast Conference Clash in January. According to Ricke, Madison still plans to hold the event, but there is a possibility that no fans will be allowed.

Fans can still watch Madison activities by going to Madison Booster Club Livestream (a You Tube channel) for games and other Madison activities such as winter concerts by both the high school and middle school. Games are also available on DailyLeaderLive.