Dakota State University's Heston Hall is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. It's a beautiful building and a great example of how a structure can be repurposed from one use to another while retaining its great architectural features.

We recognize that the whole idea of honoring persons and creating statues is under pressure. The current effort to reduce racism in America includes removing names, statues or other honors of people who exhibited racism in the past.

Sen. Mike Rounds and other U.S. senators have introduced the TRUST Act of 2020 to be included in projected COVID-19 Relief Legislation. Members of the U.S. House have introduced a companion bill.

In this time of social distancing, many vehicles may be sitting idle for days or weeks at a time. The non-profit Car Care Council recommends starting your car at least once a week and keeping up with routine auto care to help prevent potential maintenance issues.

After Trump's rally in front of Mt. Rushmore, where he so disrespected the Great Sioux Nation and our country with his appalling performance with his hate speech, it caused me to give a lot of thought about how our government acted so wrongly in essentially stealing the Sioux's land from the…

July 4-5 is normally a time to celebrate our great nation's birthday. This year being its 244th. Like many, we spent the weekend at home. We had our United States and POW/MIA flags on their staff as usual but also placed along the walk a 13-star U.S. flag as a reminder of America's first bir…

Noem, Thune, Rounds and Johnson have joined the most racist, bigoted, sexist, hateful political party ever created since the Civil War. These South Dakota politicians have not just allowed Trump to push an agenda of hate, but they have gone out of their way to support him in this.

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The corridor of champions is along South Dakota Highway 34 as three of the seven state champions are located on SD-34.

I think I have asked this before, but I will ask it again. At region cross country meets, after the varsity runners are done with their races, there is a junior varsity race. I have asked several people: why do they have a junior varsity race?