Physical Therapist

Question: What is SASTM and who is it good for?

Answer: Sound assisted soft tissue mobilization, or SASTM, is a manual therapy technique focused on improving the musculoskeletal/fascial elements within our body. Multiple shapes of tools made of ceramic polymer are utilized to cater towards the body region being treated. Minimal pressure is needed depending on the depth of tissue. Sound waves are created from the tools passing over fibrotic tissue or areas of impairment suffering from a tendon related issue. Patients will feel the resonating sounds as well. A buildup of fibrotic muscle tissue typically leads to what we commonly call “knots.”

SASTM causes microtrauma at the cellular level which leads to increased blood flow and hydration aiding in a reduction of pain and discomfort. Treatment typically takes between one and five minutes depending on body location or patient discomfort.

Individuals of all ages and impairments can benefit from SASTM, but a complete medical evaluation will be needed to ensure the patient does not have any contraindications prior to treatment. Call Madison Regional Health System at 605-256-6551 to learn more about SASTM therapy or talk with your health care provider.

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