Veterinary Medicine

Question: My dog has bad breath, what can I do for him?

Answer: First, look at his teeth. If there is a lot of tartar, they may need to be cleaned. Loose and infected teeth can also cause mouth odor. Impacted anal glands can also cause mouth odor if he licks the area and gets the anal gland odor in his mouth.

To keep the teeth clean, you can brush them with doggy toothpaste, and a toothbrush or finger brush. We have a breath freshener you can put in his water or an oral pad you can rub across his teeth. Greenies® are a chew treat that clean the teeth. Science diet has a food that cleans the teeth called T.D.

Oral health is important for your pet's well-being. Infected teeth can harm the kidney and heart. At our clinic we offer free dental exams and 15% off dentals in March. 

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