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Question: What is the Ketogenic Diet and is it a good diet to follow for weight loss?

Answer: The Keto Diet has been around since the early 1900s as a treatment for epilepsy but has recently resurfaced in main-stream media as a weight loss solution.

The term “Keto” originates from the word “ketosis,” a process in which the body does not receive an adequate supply of carbohydrates and as a result enters into a fat-burning state accompanied by rapid weight loss.

When followed religiously, Keto does work. However, because of its restrictive nature, it is not likely to be sustainable for the long term. Carbohydrates from fruits, starchy vegetables, etc. are severely limited (less than

20 grams per day or one medium apple) which puts individuals at risk for nutrient deficiencies. At least 130 grams of carbs are recommended daily to fuel our brain and muscles.

The best weight loss approach is one that encourages a variety of foods and has your food preferences in mind. The key is making small, realistic changes to your current lifestyle. As part of Madison Regional Health System’s weight loss and fitness program, Complete 90, we explore strategies to help you overcome your individual barriers to nutrition in order to assist you along in your weight loss journey.

After all, doesn’t the word “journey” have “you” in it?

Call MRHS to find out more about Complete 90 and other nutrition services offered by me.

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