Anyone who has watched Trump' actions over the last three years must by now understand how corrupt this man is. Trump is not a president of or for the people. Trump is for himself and his family.

Trump's crimes against this nation are so many and so far reaching, I can only name a few in the space I have here. First using his power for monetary gain which violates the Constitution. Using taxpayers' money and military aid to bribe a weaker nation to help him attack his political rivals. Firing leaders working for the DOJ and FBI to subvert and obstruct justice. Threatening witnesses who are or will testify in an impeachment inquiry. Threatening investigators, the media, judges and corporate leaders who do not agree with him.

Trump has taken his oath of office, our Constitution and our flag and burned them down just to satisfy his own personal needs. The question I have is for Sens. Rounds and Thune and Rep. Johnson: Will you be able in 40 years to look your grandchildren in the eyes and tell them you did the right and honorable thing?

Brent Cox

Sturgis, Dec. 9