I feel it is my duty to inform my neighbors and fellow citizens of Madison, S.D., about the lack of financial accountability in our city government. The mayor and the finance commissioner have not held our finance officer accountable, at a substantial cost to the residents of Madison.

In September of 2018, the city of Madison signed a contract with Tyler Technologies, a Texas-based company, to install Incode software within the city's computer-information system. City workers would use the new Incode system for utility billing, as well as their work-related information such as time cards, photos, wage, time off balances, etc. They would be able to access this information via a smartphone or home computer.

At a taxpayer cost of $185,000 initially plus $52,875 per year, the system is still not ready to use as of May 2020. the people of Madison have been fronting a bill for over a year that has benefited no one.

We have spent invaluable time and enormous resources on this project that has yet to come to fruition. Delays and broken promises have led to additional taxpayer money being spent on the technology. To my understanding, an additional person, at an additional expense, was hired to help speed up the process. Now we are being informed that the project has been delayed due to COVID-19; however, the cost to taxpayers has not.

While I understand the mayor and the finance commissioner have multiple obligations and deadlines to meet as the leaders of our city, I feel this contract has been mismanaged from the beginning.

As taxpayers, we put trust in our elected leaders to put our tax dollars to use in a way that will benefit our city and our people. I urge the taxpayers of Madison to contact the mayor and the commissioners regarding this mismanagement of our hard-earned money.

Jerry Seitz

Madison, June 29