Editor, The Daily Leader:

Glacial Lakes Energy Cooperative's December 4 annual meeting clarified its business plan to profitably grow members' share values on into the future. Gov. Kristi Noem reported on state government's role supporting GLE's E30 challenge and other key research, proving standard auto engines and flex-fuel auto engines are identical twins when using at least E30 blend.

A revolutionary true reality that has been brutally demonized along with its messengers, now including Gov. Noem, by oil and auto interests. Surprisingly, also including nearly all corn and ethanol organizations like SDCGA, Poet, etc.

Skeptical? Call national/state corn, Poet, ACE, RFA, offices. They will confess having the same cowardly policy message, "E30 is illegal for and damages standard auto engines," because they do not want to risk being at odds with or being sued by EPA or oil interests etc. Fear dominates and truth is forbidden.

That brings us back to Gov. Noem's encouraging statements such as "Individuals, a child, including a small state can do big things." Yet a reminder it's pure fantasy to think the S.D. ethanol Industry was simply born out of the blue. In 1984, S.D. big vision leaders knew the buck stops here or the responsibility to end S.D. economy's devastation caused by embargoes high oil prices, etc.

They knew S.D. was transferring its wealth to foreign owned oil interests, poisoning our own children with oil's poisonous tailpipe emissions and forcing S.D. sons and daughters to fight oil wars. Wisely S.D. big vision leaders then legislated a perfect, profitable business plan demonstrating to the nation a proven pathway to end our prohibitively expensive oil addictions.

We set a huge national precedent taxing S.D. imported oil (S.D. pipeline tax) a penny/gallon creating dollars to incent building our billion gallon ethanol industry that can also advertise E30's legal for all autos.

Orrie Swayze

Wilmot, Dec. 9