Kermit Staggers was a true gentleman with a kind heart and kind disposition. He stood against unfair and unjustified tax increases, fought against corruption and disagreed with others on issues cordially and professionally.

It was an honor to serve with him in the South Dakota Senate and be invited by him to be a guest speaker at two of his University of Sioux Falls college classes.

He tried to help the working class mainstream people of South Dakota. He tried to do what was right for Sioux Falls and South Dakota. He was a strong Republican but he almost always put people over party.

Kermit Staggers, you and what you stood for will be greatly missed. He loved his wife June and children very much and put family first. I saw firsthand what a people's politician was really like and learned a lot from him. Kermit, you will be missed.

Frank Kloucek

Scotland, Dec. 1