We're glad to see some organizations figuring out ways to keep school children busy, healthy and active during this unique summer.

While a number of summer activities have been canceled in Madison due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus, others are marching forward, using new protocols and techniques.

Some are hard: youth softball or baseball is challenging when teammates can't high-five after a good play, or if parents are required to sit apart from other parents in the stands. Some youth activities engage children through virtual methods, even though the students are outside at their homes when they build the project.

Some outdoor swimming pools in the area are opening soon. The pool itself is considered extremely safe (chlorine knocks out the virus instantly), but locker rooms, concession stands and other equipment require different habits. We appreciate those who are being both diligent about safety and creative to get things rolling.

We recently read an article about South Dakota 4-H adapting its summer programs. Youth will be engaged in a variety of educational experiences including, but not limited to, live Zoom sessions and discussion boards. At the end of each week, a family challenge will encourage youth to utilize skills and tricks they learned throughout the week with their families. Topics including gardening, sports, animals and exploring.

Safety is first, but we believe there are many activities for youth this summer that are safe, educational and fun. We thank the leaders who make these a possibility.

-- Jon M. Hunter