Now that we have experienced the virus up close, how will we react as South Dakotans?

We all will have different opinions. I feel many cities have infringed on the civil rights. The Bill of Rights, along with the Constitution, is being trampled. I wonder where this will all end.

Letting government manipulate businesses is not good. It's even worse when governments make decisions out of fear. I believe this happened in the beginning stages of this affair, and we are still allowing it to happen today.

Government and some people want to control events in our state. All because of health concerns. Do not people use common sense anymore? If you are sick, stay home from bigger events. Life always has been risky and we all take risks in life. Are we now going to close down rodeos, car races, auctions of all types, car shows, fishing tournaments, etc.?

Just look at the chaos that has been created in our schools. Because of fear of the virus, we canceled one event after the other. I feel bad for those students who missed out on the best parts of their education experience.

We were misled by the virus model predictions of millions dying. The news media and social media spread this fear like wildfire. Soon panic overtook the nation and fingerpointing started.

Many South Dakotans fell right into the trap and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Fear always causes good judgment and common sense to flee. The fear of God brings forth wisdom.

I feel bad for those who have lost family and friends in South Dakota due to the virus. Government leaders promoting the lockdown policy have not any idea how helpful it may have been in stopping the spread. It sure did cause havoc with our economy and way of life.

I am out and about every day. I still like a hug or handshake. I wear a mask and practice my distancing. Let's get back to S.D. values and traditions.

Myron Moen

Brookings, April 23