Some things are meant to be certain. Some moments are meant to be universal. Some experiences are meant to leave marks upon our souls. Graduation from high school is one of those things. Yet here we are as parents watching you experience it in a way that we can't begin to understand.

Our role your entire life is to lead you to independence. Our jobs never end, but we see stages of completion along the way. This was one of those stages, and we may not see you walk across it. There are days when it is difficult to see the shadow of disappointment cross your face, but those moments are brief and rare. Instead, I see resilience and hope sparkle in your eyes.

In every situation, we have the opportunity to sink with our disappointments or rise with our hopes; this class has proven their merits in how they have chosen to rise up.

Moments may be changed, but not lost. Your moments will be unique and belong only to the class of 2020. We look forward with great anticipation for all that the future will bring to this class, knowing that the best is yet to come!

Heidi Comes

Madison, May 7