So often we think that bigger is better. Usually our minds go to the material items that we want, and we forget about what is most important. Sometimes we find the biggest rewards in the simplest and smallest ways.

I had the privilege of attending a South Dakota small school. I was one of seven graduates from Florence High School. I won't disclose the year! At the time, I didn't see my small class as a blessing. I simply longed for what I saw in the "big" schools, bigger and better things. It wasn't an immediate realization, but time has shown me just how blessed I was to be part of the small, relational family of that rural South Dakota school.

Now, as a parent, I am thankful that our children have been able to experience the best of both worlds. Our youngest is in her last year at St. Thomas Catholic School, and she along with her four older siblings have been blessed to begin their educational experiences in a loving and family environment.

St. Thomas School may be small -- but the heart of the school is huge. Led by loving and caring teachers who see the children as their own, STS is everything we could ask for in a school, and much more. Small in size but large in character, love, learning and faith.

Maybe the expression that says it best is, "Good things come in small packages!" Madison is a perfect example. We are blessed to be in a community that offers outstanding options for education and provides learning experiences that rival those of a big town. It is my sincere desire to wish St. Thomas School, its teachers, students, families and friends a happy Catholic Schools Week and say thank you for providing the children of this community an opportunity to learn, serve, lead and succeed.

Heidi Comes

Madison, Jan. 25