I want to thank District 8 legislators Marli Wiese, Randy Gross and Jordan Youngberg for their work during this past legislative session.

As a former legislator, I know the days spent in Pierre are not always easy. Tough decisions must be made and, in the end, not everyone is happy with those decisions.

Some bills are presented during session that make you feel like you are choosing sides. HB1262 was one of those bills in the 2020 session. For two years, the state's rural electric cooperatives and municipal electric utilities have been on different sides of proposed legislation, including HB1262.

While this bill was touted as a compromise, the municipal side had grave concerns, mostly the detrimental effect it would have on economic development in the state.

We believe our District 8 legislators saw the reality of this bill and understood that the complexities of it would delay and deny development. Lengthy court processes would force companies to look elsewhere. They were not picking sides, but rather doing what is best for South Dakota.

Thank you to Representatives Wiese and Gross and Senator Youngberg for your service.

Russell Olson, CEO

Heartland Consumers Power District

Madison, March 16