South Dakotans are struggling with the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, and some are finding it difficult even to pay for essential services, such as electricity and water.

A special thank you to Mathew and Emily Wollmann who own and operate Wollmann Productions. Mathew, an '09 Madison High School graduate, and Emily, a '15 Madison High School graduate, donated their time and talents to produce the 2020 virtual graduation for our students. The Madison Central S…

After visiting with several people and receiving several anonymous letters, as the president of the St. Thomas Parish cemetery board, I thought I would try to shed a little light on the caretaking of the cemetery.

We're glad to see some organizations figuring out ways to keep school children busy, healthy and active during this unique summer.

On behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), I'd like to thank all those who work in nursing facilities -- doctors, nurses, food preparers, housekeepers and others -- for their unwavering dedication to compassionately caring for the vulnerable residents who are relyin…

The Graceland Cemetery Board would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has donated to our annual fund appeal. We would not be able to maintain our large (50 blocks) cemetery without your generous contributions.

When people ask me where I'm from, I say South Dakota. When they ask me where I live, I say New York.

Memorial Day 2020 will look like no other Memorial Day in our recollection.

The current pandemic and pandemic response highlight some things that are not going so well in how our nation has structured itself, both willfully and by default. It also highlights two things we are getting right in the Madison area.

Some things are meant to be certain. Some moments are meant to be universal. Some experiences are meant to leave marks upon our souls. Graduation from high school is one of those things. Yet here we are as parents watching you experience it in a way that we can't begin to understand.

As a retired civil servant with a period of Federal Service of 32 years, I want to say thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served their fellow man. From information available online, it is to be noted that in 2018-19 South Dakota had 21,956 active and retired federal and po…

My academic field is organizational strategy, which has more in common with epidemiology than most people realize, in that both fields collect large amounts of data from the environment and analyze them to develop plans for how to best position a population (epidemiology) or an organization …

We, retired doctor of orthopedic medicine Dr. Jack Billion of Sioux Falls and retired 22-year legislator Frank Kloucek of Scotland, ask people to stay home, but when you must go out, wear face masks in all public spaces like grocery stores.

The Lake County Food Pantry wishes to offer its thanks for the many donations we have received in recent weeks and continue to receive. The collection from the Saturday night COVID Cruise was much appreciated, generous and a positive demonstration of caring.

As the COVID-19 crisis grows larger every day, cancer patients -- many of whom already have compromised immune systems -- are more vulnerable than ever. We at the American Cancer Society want to ensure that cancer patients, their caregivers and loved ones know we are here for them during thi…

A spokesperson from Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls allegedly told a VICE reporter that "living circumstances in certain cultures" and a "large immigrant population" are to blame for the 725 cases of COVID-19 amongst staff.

Now that we have experienced the virus up close, how will we react as South Dakotans?

What a huge debt of gratitude we in the country owe to the mostly volunteer Madison Fire Department!

The purpose of this letter is to express public thanks to our postal workers for doing their essential work during the current pandemic.

Our current economic disaster and unnecessary deaths can be largely explained by analyzing the president's missteps. Shortly after taking office, President Trump defunded and dismantled government pandemic watchdog committees. Regarding coronavirus, Donald Trump got his first warnings in Jan…

How about this? Instead of spending state money to set up a drug test regimen for hydroxychloroquine, let's use those dollars to expand Medicaid in the state of South Dakota.

Recently the North Dakota Parole Board granted early releases to 56 inmates. This was done in an effort to facilitate resources in light of coronavirus. South Dakota, on the other hand, opted to grant no early releases.

National Agriculture Day is March 24. Ag Day is about recognizing and celebrating the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives.

I want to thank District 8 legislators Marli Wiese, Randy Gross and Jordan Youngberg for their work during this past legislative session.

South Dakota has made great strides toward open government since the Open Meetings Commission (OMC) was established in 2004. However, criminal penalties for open meetings violations should be removed because they were attached in a questionable manner, they deter prosecutions, they result in…

All current information shows there are no confirmed coronavirus cases in South Dakota.

Senate Bill 50 (SB50) is being hastily and quietly pushed through the state legislature under the guise of "modernizing" the scope of practice for nurse anesthetists in the state of South Dakota.

Those who put special interests above the public good never seem to rest, as Pierre's latest power grabs demonstrate.

Whether it is the catastrophic fires devastating Australia, the staggering loss of ice in Greenland, or the unprecedented rainfall and flooding here in South Dakota in 2019, the evidence that climate change is upon us is beyond dispute. Considering our national administration's dismissal of …

So often we think that bigger is better. Usually our minds go to the material items that we want, and we forget about what is most important. Sometimes we find the biggest rewards in the simplest and smallest ways.

Workers may get a larger tax refund this year because of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). But to get it, you must file a tax return and claim it.

The hemp market is not the "pot of gold" that many would have you believe. South Dakota farmers and businessmen should take note.

I'm preparing for my fourth session of lobbying the South Dakota State Legislature and the attack on Science Education is bound to be on the agenda again.

A loophole in our state's insurance laws allow public schools and municipalities to participate in self-insurance pools. These pools collect millions in tax dollars, yet maintain immunity from regulation and oversight by the South Dakota Division of Insurance.

Yesterday I was in the Sunshine store buying groceries. While I was standing in line putting my groceries on the conveyor belt, a man in the check-out line behind me said, "Don't take that out."

After the Dakota 38+2 memorial and reconciliation ride passed through Madison this weekend, my heart was full of thanks to many, from the Madison Police Department for providing escort to the community members who gave gifts of hand warmers, stable space and horse gear to the riders.

On December 14, 2019, a large crew of Food Pantry volunteers delivered over 5,000 lbs. of food to 171 Lake County families. This Christmas food delivery was the 37th for this important program. Along with the food, a record 305 children received over 600 gifts through the generosity of the m…

Last Sunday morning, CNN showed portions of a Trump rally where he repeatedly yelled that Dems lost the election -- that Dems were now attempting a do-over. This after three years have passed.

Anyone who has watched Trump' actions over the last three years must by now understand how corrupt this man is. Trump is not a president of or for the people. Trump is for himself and his family.

The most divisive president in modern history has his counterpart in South Dakota. Gov. Kristi Noem was elected by the slimmest majority in recent history, so one might think that instead of self-praise, she would work to unite South Dakotans to address the serious problems we face. But rhet…

Patty and I had the unique honor and privilege to attend a United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Nov. 22 that left an indelible impression upon me that I would like to share.

We want to thank District 8 Sen. Jordan Youngberg for agreeing with South Dakota's electric cooperatives and supporting a proposal that will finally bring long-needed improvements to the state law which regulates electric service territory boundaries.