Dakota Energy members: I encourage you to go to dakotaenergy.coop/your-products-services/electric-service/ and review the well authored notice to members regarding the rate increase implemented in January of 2019. The letter was honest and to the point, not placing the blame on any one entit…

At the town hall meeting with Dakota Energy, Chad Felderman said he has a fiduciary responsibility to the member-owners. What do you call it when Dakota Energy controlled the number of people and who could attend, did not let East River and Basin speak, answered only selected on-line questio…

Last month The Madison Daily Leader announced a change of ownership. At this pivot point in the life of our local paper, it's good to reflect on the role of responsible news media in community and civic life.

I read the news articles in The Madison Daily Leader about the Dakota Energy lawsuit against East River Electric. I agree that they should have the right to buy power from whoever has the cheapest power which will result in cheaper rates for their members.

Have you seen the letters from Dakota Energy, their ads in newspapers, videos on our Dakota Energy website, on Facebook and radio adds badmouthing East River and Basin Electric, and their costs?

"Food Brings Everyone to the Table" is the theme for this year's National Ag Week.

A stable power supply network guided the people of South Dakota through an unprecedented energy emergency this past February thanks to the steady hands of the Western Area Power Administration and Basin Electric Power Cooperative.

It's almost April, and as we note the flowers and bushes beginning to flower in our yards, it's worth noting that some of the fading color in a few Madison properties is no longer welcome. Campaign signs, put up long before the November election, still mar the view of citizens enjoying a spr…

I learned of this pending litigation (Dakota Energy lawsuit) through East River co-ops postings in the Huron Daily Plainsman's "Payday." I personally am not a member of Dakota Energy, so whatever the outcome of this lawsuit is, it will have no direct impact on me personally.

Trees in South Dakota are both precious and important. They are vital to our environment, our wildlife and our well-being. They serve as breaks to strong prairie winds, banks for carbon and enhancements for crop and livestock farming. They were what made early South Dakota communities habita…

Energy providers have been in the news a lot lately with the cold weather and power outages across the country. While some of us in South Dakota may have experienced brief periods without power and most of us did our part to conserve energy, our hearts go out to those throughout the country …

I'm both angry and sorrowful as I review the news reports concerning the Highmore pedestrian death.

With our governor now making national news for her adamant "stonewalling" the request for disclosing how much state money she spent campaigning for her mentor, loser Donald Trump, it's time to ask, when will the public rise up and insist on their right to know how our tax money is being spent?

Gov. Noem proposed combining the South Dakota Department of Natural Resources with the Department of Agriculture. An emergency proposal nonetheless. Catering to the hunger of a few.

The job of firefighters seems like it would be a dirty, dangerous and thankless job. We recently lost our home to a fire. The Madison firefighters responded very quickly to contain the fire so it would not spread.

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I want to express my opinion on this election. First off it was stolen by Biden, if only you will look at it carefully. He is the Hitler of the United States, as you will see once he is in office. I know 'cause I saw what Hitler did to Germany in the early '30s and the '40s. I have served un…

Like Donald Trump, Kristi Noem is dangerous, not just to South Dakota but to America.

We want to take time to explain the decision to close. It was definitely not the lack of business. We have had several people interested in the building, and our copier leases were up, so we took the opportunity to get out of the printing business.

Like December 7th and September 11th, January 6th is a tragic date in American history.

The South Dakota Wildlife Federation Board of Directors is opposed to the merger of the S.D. Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the S.D. Department of Agriculture.

We cannot let the attempted violent or political coup slide like a lot of Republicans want. After supporting Trump and his lies and violent hate-filled tweets, they now want to say that for "unity," let us just forget it all happened and move on.

In Sunday's Argus Leader, Law Professor Jonathan Turley said he believes the 2020 election was conducted fairly. Still he advises, a Federal Election Commission should be created to reduce the level of rage being felt because millions believe the election was stolen.

I would like to express my appreciation to all the Madison and surrounding area residents who generously contributed to the local 2020 Salvation Army Red Kettle drive. Your generosity resulted in setting a new local record, as $13,638 was raised.

I have a hard time thinking about this world without Jack [Mader] in it. Thank God for the wonderful memories and stories that will live on forever.

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Does Governor Noem care about the massive suffering and deaths she has caused this Christmas season? Does she care about the devastation to thousands of families that will be without a loved one because of her? Does she have any empathy or understanding of the fact that she has traded these …

Dec. 30 is the deadline for people to renew their expired South Dakota driver licenses and ID cards.

On Dec. 12, a "masked up" crew of Food Pantry volunteers provided over 6,000 pounds of food to 155 Lake County families. This Christmas food distribution was the 38th year of this important event. Along with the food, 274 children received about 600 gifts through the generosity of the many w…

Last week, some S.D. newspapers carried AP's report of a climate-change speech by the UN secretary-general. The SG's message to the world is that it's essential for the planet to reduce the fossil-fuel polluting war on nature. He said that 2020 would likely be one of history's top three hott…

As we anticipate the peaceful transfer of power on Jan. 20, 2021, we are reminded of what a critic of another strong-minded executive, Teddy Roosevelt, said back over a hundred years ago: that this president had no more use of the Constitution than a tom cat had for a marriage license.

The current Madison City Commission is considering a proposal to hire a city administrator to "oversee, operate and manage municipal services."

The final chapter of Lake County (or Interlakes) Speedway has been written with the death of Eldon "Elt" Ristesund. Elt died in Howard on Nov. 23 at the age of 94.

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GivingTuesday, a day to celebrate generosity for Bethel and more.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we will share lists of things for which we are grateful. I am grateful for Madison Regional Health System, that it is here in our community providing quality health care close to home, especially now. I am also grateful for our local businesses, who va…

As you may know, this year hasn't been short of its challenges. However, the human spirit if not anything is positive and adaptable.

I have some concerns and questions about the recent city council discussion to add a new layer of administration in the day-to-day operations of Madison.

I have a question for our governor, Kristi Noem. If someone who has the virus, but is asymptomatic so has not stayed home, sneezes in her face, will washing her hands prevent her from getting sick? Need I say more?

November 16-20 will mark the annual observance of American Education Week. The event presents all of us with the opportunity to celebrate education and honor the individuals who are making a difference in ensuring every child receive a quality education. It also highlights the importance of …

In a year of chaos, coronavirus, divisiveness on both sides of the political fence...

On this Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2020, we extend our appreciation and thoughts to all Americans who are fighting the war against the coronavirus; and we also wish to acknowledge the veterans of the Jones and Moskowitz families who served during major wars from the Civil War to the War On Terror.

I commend the City of Madison for installing the new playground equipment at the park on the corner of N.W. 4th and Blanche (near St. Thomas). After taking my children there three days in a row and finding the place well enjoyed by other young folk, I can say this park is a winner.

The latest from, hopefully soon to be ex-President Donald Trumpm that "If you count the legal votes, I easily win," reminds me of my friend who is a very good golfer as he only counts the good shots.

The South Dakota Supreme Court just ruled that our representatives cannot grab some of that free COVID money for themselves.

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If you ever walk the halls of the Fort Meade VA Hospital, as I have many times, you will notice that the walls are decorated with many pictures of WWII soldiers, sailors, Marines and their battlefield scenes.

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It is time for all seniors to have a checkup on their Medicare Part D plans. I would like to encourage all seniors to look at their Medicare Part D plans and make sure that what they have is the best for their needs.

Oct. 5-9 is Pediatric Nurses Week. Within the stuttering community, parents' fear that a child is beginning to stutter is well known -- and very real.

As I sit here in my winter coat outside my husband's bedroom window at Bethel, I have many opportunities to observe staff working with the residents.