The latest wave of postponements appears to be local elections.

We're glad to see the presidential primaries get close to conclusion before the shutdown of elections occurred. The Republicans will nominate Donald Trump, and the Democrats will soon decide between just two remaining candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Biden has a big lead.

But many local elections across the country occur in the spring, sort of an off-cycle time before traditional June primaries.

We saw New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order delaying all village election statewide until the New York presidential primaries on April 28. We've seen other local elections postponed until May and June, with some even listing "indefinitely."

Some local elections have gone forward, and officials have added ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Some polling places spritz disinfectant on voters' hands when they walk in, then again when they walk out.

We think our local elections for Madison city commissioners and Madison Central school board, scheduled for April 14, could be postponed until the June primaries.

Postponements of something this substantial aren't taken lightly, but combining these elections with another could save some money, and the seven-week delay would certainly be manageable for the boards themselves.

In some ways, these days of cancellations, closing and social distancing feels like a blizzard that never ends. We don't know what will be canceled or postponed next. But we think it's possible that local elections might be pushed forward a couple of months.

-- Jon M. Hunter