We're glad to see a charitable focus on food during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Feeding South Dakota volunteers were in town this week to distribute monthly food parcels (see page `). The organization has closed its food pantries in Sioux Falls and Rapid City and shifted its distribution model to drive-through locations.

The Lake County Food Pantry has been a shining star in Madison for many years, and has done an extraordinary job through many ups and downs of the economy, lifestyle changes of families, and changes in nutrition.

And The Gathering, a mission of the United Methodist Church in Madison, provides a free meal on Monday evenings using church and community volunteers, assisted by many Madison businesses and other organizations.

All of these have been wonderful parts of our community, providing the most basic of human needs. In addition, each of them works to provide other assistance besides food, such as fellowship, connection with other social services and faith.

The need for food increases during challenging economic times, made even more formidable by the public healthy crisis we're currently experiencing.

We have no way of knowing the extent of hunger in our area, but we know that every hungry person who eats is a person saved that day. The generosity of so many people and organizations are an inspiration to us all. We thank them from the bottoms of our hearts.

-- Jon M. Hunter