South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem issued an executive order on Monday concerning actions of South Dakotans during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's easy for any observer to say an executive order like this goes too far or not far enough. We've heard both in this case.

But we believe it's within the range of what we'd call "reasonable," using the voicebox of the governor to urge us to act in our collective best interest, without the heavy-handed nature of some other states' governors.

First, the order treats us like adults, not children. It's full of personal responsibility words, like "know," "learn about," "understand," "implement," "assist," "innovate" and "encourage."

Second, it relies heavily on the expertise and advice of the Centers for Disease Control. Elected officials should rely on medical experts when creating public orders.

Third, it doesn't shut down commerce. The economic fallout of the pandemic will be substantial. It isn't necessary to make it worse by unnecessarily shutting down industries that are necessary to provide goods and services for South Dakotans, along with paychecks, healthcare benefits, taxes and much more.

Fourth, it recognizes that things will change, stating that the order could be modified frequently as needed.

We believe the order is responsible and reasonable and should be followed by South Dakotans to promote the common interest.

-- Jon M. Hunter