We wrote Monday about how the final day of the 2020 South Dakota legislative session would be like no other in the state's history. It lived up to that distinction, and more.

The South Dakota Legislature was meeting Monday as scheduled for something known as Veto Day. The day, however, will be like none other in our Legislature's 130-year history.

Construction crews were pouring the foundation this week for the new domestic violence shelter in Madison. With the slowdown of so much economic activity, we're glad to see this project under way.

The most vulnerable in our population to the coronavirus are those who have other health issues and the elderly. Many senior citizens check both boxes.

A potential task force -- created by a bill passed by the legislature, but not yet signed by the governor -- could help control future tuition costs at public universities in South Dakota.

Next week marks the 15th Sunshine Week, a time to stress the importance of open government policies at all levels. The terms "Sunshine" suggests opening up government to the light of day.

The huge reconstruction project on Madison's S. Washington Avenue is not complete, and we believe the South Dakota Department of Transportation should urge D&G Concrete Construction to work on its completion as soon as possible.

We've all read that today is "Super Tuesday," the day when 14 states cast primary ballots to nominate candidates for the Democratic nominee for president.

The Lake County Commission debated the fate of 454th Street south of Madison Tuesday (see page 1). In some ways, the dilemma is representative of paved roads throughout the county.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed new rules that would link drone registration to uniform tracking requirements, so that those unmanned aircraft can be digitally followed from takeoff to landing.

We haven't yet heard the testimony in committee, but the introduction of House Bill 1235 in the South Dakota Legislature seems like a step in the wrong direction.

The City of Madison has published a notice of public hearing to consider vacating a portion of N.E. 8th Street between Washington and Lee avenues. It is a one-block section between Zimmerman Hall and The Courtyard, the former Madison Community Hospital.

Several Midwest states to the south and east of South Dakota will be working with the Army Corps of Engineers on a new study of Missouri River flows. The study should help South Dakota as well.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association board of directors refused to consider an amendment to the association's constitution that would have allowed school activities on Sundays. We applaud them for their refusal.

A bill introduced in the South Dakota Legislature looks like it supports plastic bags, straws and other products, but it merely prohibits local governments from implementing a ban.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a crazy question asked 120 years ago by the St. Paul Globe of its readers: "If St. Paul were all your own and you had $50 million with which to build it into what you would regard as an ideal American city, how would you expend the money?"

The Lake County-based Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has started planning ahead in anticipation of possible floods in the area come spring.

The commissioner of Major League Baseball issued unprecedented penalties to the Houston Astros Monday over a scandal involving stealing signals between opposing pitchers and catchers. The penalties included yearlong suspensions for the general manager and field manager, loss of draft picks a…

New security procedures at the state Capitol in Pierre will start on Jan. 13. The procedures attempt to make the capitol building safe, but doing so confronts a paradox: The legislature passed last year -- and Gov. Kristi Noem signed -- a bill allowing people to bring firearms into the Capitol.

For generations, K-12 students have learned the fundamentals of how the United States government works. Typically, topics included the three branches of the federal government, responsibilities of each, elections and the role of American voters.

We know Madison and Lake County aren't the only places in the country where people are so eager to help each other, but it always makes an impression.

Decent federal funding appears to be on its way to the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, marking another step toward getting Lewis & Clark water to Madison.

A State-Tribal Relations Committee on Wednesday agreed to sponsor a bill in next month's legislative session requiring pipeline companies to contribute to a fund designated for oil spill cleanup.

One hundred years ago tomorrow (Wednesday), South Dakota became the 21st state to ratify the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing most women the right to vote. The 19th Amendment was ratified nationally on August 18, 1920.

Madison's Thanksgiving community service was held Wednesday night at Grace Episcopal Church, and was another fine service in the annual tradition.

We're glad to hear about the seven new defibrillators presented to the Lake County Sheriff's department through the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

The South Dakota Education Equity Coalition has presented an idea to the State-Tribal Relations Committee, calling for legislation allowing Native Americans to create charter schools based in a Native American language.