Gov. Kristi Noem told South Dakota's tourism industry on Monday to prepare for a strong rebound this summer, following effects of the coronavirus pandemic on nationwide travel (see story in Tuesday's Daily Leader).

A Canadian company would like to mine uranium in southwest South Dakota and is seeking appropriate permits from the state. While that process is necessary, we believe the project should be rejected just based on common environmental sense.

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our community, our nation and the world. Families have experienced the loss of loved ones, businesses have closed or experienced severe cutbacks and, as a nation, we've been shut-ins.

Joe Biden is doing his best to strengthen Medicaid's support for long-term care for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Therefore, now is the time to beef up Medicaid in South Dakota so that, at last, every adult and child gets health coverage. The expansion of Medicaid has been of…

We want to thank Gale Pifer for his fine letter to the editor. His information on the history of the Leader, the Hunter family and the new owners was good to know.

The National Association of Conservation District's 66th annual Stewardship Week begins Sunday. This week's Stewardship Week will take place April 25 to May 2 and will celebrate the theme "Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities."

Have you ever wondered who writes F words on public bathroom walls? We have all been exposed to this morally repugnant behavior from time to time. And so you wonder: Do these vandals scratch this stuff into the walls and doors while they are using the bathroom, or do they actually waste thei…

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The corridor of champions is along South Dakota Highway 34 as three of the seven state champions are located on SD-34.

I think I have asked this before, but I will ask it again. At region cross country meets, after the varsity runners are done with their races, there is a junior varsity race. I have asked several people: why do they have a junior varsity race?