The Madison Broncos amateur baseball team will be staying in Class B for another year.

South Dakota Amateur Baseball Association (SDABA) officers and commissioners voted 8-5 in favor of the Broncos staying in Class B.

According to longtime officer Dale Weber, the SDABA bylaws state that a city/town that has a population of more than 5,000 is a Class A city. Madison's population is over 7,000.

"If we would have had to move to Class A, we might have folded," Madison Broncos manager Matt Burpee said.

According to Burpee, "the Cornbelt League teams had no problems with us staying in Class B."

Madison is a member of the Cornbelt League.

"If anyone would have had a problem, it should have been the league teams," Burpee said.

"The SDABA commission has addressed Madison every year since 2007," Weber said. "Madison has been a B team every year, but not without discussion."