For the first time this season, the Property Solutions of America Midwest Sprint Touring series drivers invaded I-90 Speedway near Hartford on Saturday night.

The big winner in the MSTS was Jack Dover of Springfield, Neb., who claimed the A-Feature.

Three area drivers were in the A-Feature, led by veteran Chuck McGillivray of Madison with a ninth-place finish. Following McGillivray across the finish line were Ramona's Ryan Bickett in 10th place and Nick Barger in 18th.

Heat race winners included Lee Groos, Jr. of Hartford; Wade Nygaard of Grand Forks, N.D.; and Brendan Mullen of Grand Forks.

McGillivray was fourth in his heat race while Bickett was sixth in his heat race and Barger was ninth.

In the IMCA Racesaver sprint car class, the big winner was John Lambertz of Sioux Falls, who won the A-Feature. Nate Barger of Madison was 16th in the A-Feature and Bryan Park of Colman was 17th.

There were two B-Features, and the winners were Javen Ostermann of Courtland, Minn., and Neil Nicholite of Bellwood, Neb. Nate Barger placed second in the first B-Feature. Colman's Chris Shoenrock was sixth in the second B-Feature.

Heat race winners in the IMCA Racesaver sprint class were Trefer Walker of O'Neill, Neb.; Chris Thram of Sanborn, Minn.; Trevor Serbus, Olivia, Minn.; Ryan Voss, Okoboji, Iowa; and Elliot Amdahl of Flandreau.

Park placed third in his heat race while Nate Barger and Shoenrock both placed fifth in their heat races.

In the Late Model Street Stock class, Dan Jensen of Humboldt won the A-Feature while Ronald Howe of Wentworth placed sixth.

Winning the heat race in the Late Model Street Stock class were Jensen and Craig Hanisch of Sioux Falls. Howe placed fourth in his heat race.

Derek Vanveldhuzien of Rock Rapids, Iowa, won the A-Feature in the USRA B-Modfied class. Madison's Doug Wallis and Nick Barger did not finish the A-Feature.

Lyndon Johnson and Tyler Tesch both won a B-Feature in the USRA B-Modified class. Colman's Aaron Werner was fourth in one of the B-Features. Tucker Powell of Rutland did not finish his B-Feature.

Heat race winners were Damien Vandenberg, Vanveldhuzien, Tyler Myers, Scott Hinricher and Scott Kennedy. Wallis was second in his heat race and Nick Barger was third. Werner and Powell did not finish their heat races.

Casino Speedway

Madison's Doug VanLiere was the only area driver in action at Casino Speedway at Watertown on Sunday night. Competing in the Wissota Super Stock class, VanLiere placed seventh in the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Cole Searing of Huron.

Searing and Blake Whitlock of Watertown claimed heat race wins. VanLiere was sixth in his heat race.