Madison's Jon Knuths recorded his first albatross (double eagle) at the Madison Golf & Country Club on June 22 during the Monday Night Golf League.

An albatross is when a player records a 3-under par on a hole.

"I was very surprised by it," Knuths said. Getting an albatross is very rare, even more rare than a hole-in-one, he said.

The National Hole In One Association which tracks holes-in-one sets the odds for a hole-in-one at 12,700 to 1; for a professional, it is 3,700 to 1. The odds of achieving an albatross are set at 6 million to 1.

An albatross takes precision and luck as the second shot is likely 200 yards or more.

Knuths got his albatross on the par-5, 435-yard hole 5. He used a driver and a seven iron to put the ball in the hole in just two shots.

Knuths, who has been golfing for most of his life, hits the links at least a couple times a week, and most of the time it is at the Madison Country Club.

"This is my best accomplishment so far," he said. "I haven't had a hole-in-one yet."