Madison will have four VFW Teener Baseball teams in competition this summer -- two in the 15&16-year-old division and two in the 13&14-year-old division.

However, there is one major change for the Madison teams this season.

For the past several years, Madison has been playing in the I-29 League consisting of teams along the I-29 corridor.

"The I-29 League has canceled all games this season," said Dean Gehrels, the coach for the 16U team in Madison. "We (coaches) are setting up the schedules this season."

Madison will be playing some of the same foes they have faced in the past, like Dell Rapids, Canova and West Central.

"Flandreau and Tea will not have teams this summer," Gehrels said.

Gehrels said he has been setting up doubleheaders with a younger Madison team playing first followed by an older Madison team.

"We will have about the same number of games that we have had in past years," he said.

The 16U team has been practicing and their first game will be at Humboldt on June 4.

"I have a very low-key bunch of kids on the team," Gehrels said. "But they were excited to see one another that first practice; they have not seen some of them since March.

There will be some precautions to be followed for a safe season -- by both the players and the fans.

The dugout will be extended from behind the enclosed dugout if applicable to the backstop for both teams. This will allow rostered players and up to three coaches per team to practice social distancing while the team is up to bat.

Players should wear batting gloves when handling a bat. If possible, each player should provide their own equipment and refrain from sharing.

"Most of our players have their own bats and equipment," Gehrels said. "The only thing that they will be touching is the baseball."

Umpires will be allowed to officate from behind the pitcher's mound, while practicing social distancing with all fielders. This will eliminate the number of people around home plate and still allow the umpire to see the whole field.

"It is a relief getting back to normal and having baseball this summer for the kids," Gehrels said.