Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the South Dakota High School Athletic Administrators Association annual conference was canceled.

The 2020 Conference Awards were supposed to be presented at the conference. The list of the winners follows:

2020 Conference Awards Hall of Fame Inductees

Jim Dorman, Sioux Falls; Chris Lund, deceased; and Gary Weismantel, Herreid.

NIAAA Years of Service Certificates

Marv McCune, DeSmet, 38 years; Tim McCain, Sanborn Central, 20 years; Eric Denning, Mount Vernon, 15 years; and Mike Duffek, Bon Homme, 15 years.

Past President Award

Merretta Anderson, Timber Lake.

Region AD of the Year

Region 1: Toni Brown, Langford

Region 2: Dan Knust, Ipswich

Region 3: Brant Deutsch, Colman-Egan

Region 4: Brian Moser, Pierre

Region 5: Randy Marso, CAA, Brandon Valley

Region 6: Casey Meile, CAA, Sioux Falls Public

Region 7: Frank Cutler, Platte-Geddes

Region 8: Naomi Hatfield, CAA Douglas

SDIAAA Steve Berseth Professional Development Award

Bill Clements, CAA Dakota Valley

NIAAA State Award of Merit

Paul Nepodal, CAA Deubrook

NIAAA Distinguished Service Award Nominee

Joey Struwe, CMAA Sioux Falls Lincoln

NFHS Citation Award Nominee

Randy Marso, CAA Brandon Valley

Retiring ADs

Toni Brown, Langford, 14 years; Tim Hawkins, Ethan, 9 years; and Marv McCune, DeSmet, 38 years.