City OKs change request for utility work

MADISON OFFICIALS will advertise for bids during the coming weeks from contractors who will install underground electrical wiring and other equipment to extend the city's electrical grid into Cyber Estates, a new housing development in northeast Madison. City electricians will complete wiring connections and install equipment such as transformers.

Madison's city commissioners on Monday approved a change request to the Phase 1A utility improvement project that added service connections to water and sanitary sewer mains underneath N. Liberty Ave.

While working on N. Liberty Ave. near the 3rd St. intersection, a crew with J&J Earthworks of Milbank found that it needed to make additional service connections for water and sanitary sewer lines that belonged to a customer.

The additional cost for the water line connection was $1,402.50, and the added cost for the sanitary sewer line connection was $810, for a total of $2,212.50.

The Phase 1A project is part of an overall utility improvement project in Madison that will provide water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer improvements to neighborhoods in the northwest and northeast sections of town. The multi-year project will also construct a replacement water tower in Madison. The improvement project is expected to cost about $22 million.

Cyber Estates electric connections

The city commissioners set the bid date for contractors to submit bids for the construction of electric circuitry in the Cyber Estates housing development in Madison.

Contractors are expected to bid on a project that will construct underground electric circuitry that includes the installation of electric cable, box pads, ground sleeves, pedestals and other related equipment. They are expected to deliver their bids to City Hall by 2 p.m. on July 28.

According to Brad Lawrence, city utility director, Madison's city electricians will perform the wiring terminations, install transformers and street lighting and complete other related tasks.

"It's the same work format that we've used with the electrical grid upgrade projects," Lawrence said.

The new Cyber Estates Addition is expected to add 72 housing lots, a park and a detention pond in the northeast corner of Madison. The housing development is located east of Division Ave. between N. 9th and N. 11th streets.

The contractor can start on the project after the construction agreement is signed. The company that wins the bid needs to complete the work by Oct. 1.

Commissioner duties

The commissioners approved a list of oversight duties for the mayor and city commissioners after Commissioner Mike Waldner requested several changes to the roster.

Waldner, who was assigned utilities commissioner duties in the resolution, asked that he remain as Madison's public safety commissioner and have new Commissioner Jerae Wire assume oversight of the city's utilities.

Newly sworn in Commissioner Adam Shaw was assigned oversight of Madison's finances and revenue collection. In addition, Waldner requested that Shaw serve as the city's liaison with the Lake Area Improvement Corporation.

Wire and Shaw were sworn in as new city commissioners at the start of the meeting.

Commissioner Bob Thill was assigned oversight duties regarding Madison's streets, public grounds, solid-waste collection and recycling program.

Mayor Marshall Dennert will have oversight regarding public buildings and a roster of departments and boards, including the city attorney, city engineer, planning commission and 911 communications board.