Madison Central school officials sent out announcements to families of students on Thursday, informing them that a seventh-grader has tested positive for coronavirus.

Superintendent Joel Jorgenson announced that the Madison Central School District was notified on Thursday morning that a student at Madison Middle School was the first confirmed positive COVID-19 case detected in Madison's public schools. Officials with thye South Dakota Department of Health notified the school district about the positive coronavirus detection.

When contacted on Friday morning, Jorgenson said no new additional information was available.

In the announcement, Jorgenson reported that school district staff and state health officials were reviewing information to determine whether any other students are considered "close contacts" with the child who tested positive. School officials are providing information such as classroom seating charts.

The staff at the Centers for Disease Control have defined a close contact as someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before the illness' onset until the time the patient is isolated. For asymptomatic persons -- persons who have the virus but do not show symptoms and will not develop them later -- the close contact period starts two days prior to the person's positive specimen collection.

Jorgenson told parents and guardians that state health officials will determine if any other students are considered as close contacts to the initial positive case. State officials will directly contact those students' families. He added that Madison Central will also notify families of possible close contacts by email and phone calls.