Officials with the Madison Central School District announced on Wednesday that they were suspending the district's summer activities program after a student participating in the program had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

In a letter, Superintendent Joel Jorgenson and Michael Ricke, activities director, announced that all district-related activities were immediately suspended.

School officials said the student started showing novel coronavirus symptoms on Tuesday, and the student's positive COVID-19 test was confirmed on Wednesday. They also said the same student made their last, most recent visit to a workout facility on July 1.

School district officials contacted the Madison hospital and the South Dakota Department of Health about the matter, and school officials are continuing to work with the Madison Regional Health System. The organizers of the summer activities program have kept records of each student's workout schedule and have contacted by phone the parents of other students who were also part of the infected person's practice group.

If parents were not directly contacted, their student was not a member of the same practice group.

State health department personnel will collect and review all information available about the positive COVID-19 case, and they will likely collect more information. If necessary, state officials will contact any persons that they believe should self-monitor their health conditions -- such as regularly checking their body temperatures. State officials may also ask persons to quarantine themselves and remain in isolation.

The three most-common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, breathlessness and coughing. Other symptoms include body aches, headaches, fatigue and sore throats.

Jorgenson and Ricke ended the message by reminding families that all school district-related summer activities were immediately suspended this week. School officials plan to work with local and state health officials to determine if and when student summer activities can resume and how any restart would take place.