Local law officers involved with standoff

LAW-ENFORCEMENT officers surround the incident scene at the Classic Corner convenience store at about 2 p.m. Wednesday during a standoff with an armed male suspect. The incident was resolved after a firearm was discharged, and the suspect was taken into custody. State officials report that the suspect was transported to Sioux Falls for medical treatment.

Personnel with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation are investigating Wednesday's incident at the Classic Corner convenience store in Madison as an "officer-involved shooting," and officials with the state Attorney General's Office report that the suspect from the incident is currently receiving medical treatment in Sioux Falls.

The Madison Police Department released a statement late Wednesday on its Facebook page that police officers and personnel from the Lake County Sheriff's Office and South Dakota DCI had responded "...to the 500 block of S.E. 10th St. for a barricaded suicidal subject in a vehicle." The location is the site address for the Classic Corner.

Police Chief Justin Meyer said law-enforcement officers were called to the scene at about 11:30 a.m., and bystanders at the scene early Wednesday afternoon said the incident had started at about noon.

At about 2 p.m., the convenience store -- located on the northeast corner of S.E. 10th St. and Washington Ave. -- was surrounded with about 10 patrol vehicles, including vehicles belonging to the Madison police, Lake County sheriff and S.D. Highway Patrol. At midafternoon, the incident was resolved with a male suspect taken into custody and receiving medical treatment, and the scene was cordoned off with yellow crime-scene tape. In the police department's Wednesday Facebook posting, officials described the incident: "At this time the scene is safe and the DCI will be conducting the follow up investigation."

During the standoff between the suspect and law-enforcement officers, a bystander at the scene said the suspect was armed with a shotgun. The Daily Leader was also told that the convenience store staff had exited the store at the start of the incident.

On Thursday morning, Meyer described the incident as an ongoing investigation. Meyer referred to the department's released statement and said he did "... not wish to add to the statement at this time." The Madison Police Department has not released the identity of the subject, and Meyer would not release the male suspect's name on Thursday.

Meyer also stated, "Any further requests for information will be directed to DCI."

According to Tim Bormann, chief of staff at the S.D. Attorney General's Office, state DCI officials will investigate the incident as an "officer-involved shooting," and the state's investigation is currently ongoing. Bormann, who is the spokesman for the Attorney General's Office and the DCI, said state investigators are typically involved in investigating all officer-involved shootings that occur in South Dakota.

Bormann reported that he did not know who had fired a weapon at the scene, but there was a discharged firearm.

Bormann said -- among the current information he has received -- that one male suspect was involved in the Classic Corner incident and he was injured but alive on Thursday morning. Bormann was informed that the suspect was receiving medical treatment at a Sioux Falls medical facility.

Bormann said on Thursday morning that he had not received the suspect's name and was not aware of any charges filed against the suspect.

"The case is still under investigation, and more information should be forthcoming," Bormann said.

Under current investigative duties followed by DCI personnel, Bormann said state investigators are expected to handle any incident investigation that involves the discharge of a firearm by law-enforcement personnel and the aftermath. Bormann stated local law-enforcement personnel are expected to handle the investigation of an incident up to the point that a firearm is discharged by law-enforcement officers.

When contacted on Thursday morning, Wendy Kloeppner, Lake County state's attorney, said officials had not, at this time, filed charges against the subject. Kloeppner also said she could not release the name of the subject.

Investigators were still working at the Classic Corner scene early Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, the Madison convenience store had reopened for business.