School officials have canceled a graduation ceremony scheduled on Sunday for the Madison High School Class of 2020 due to the recent upsurge in active COVID-19 cases in Lake County.

Officials with the Madison Central School District started informing the parties involved with the graduation ceremony on Friday that the July 26 commencement was called off.

In the announcement sent by email, Superintendent Joel Jorgenson stated, "As of one week ago, we were moving forward with planning for a Graduation Ceremony on the 26th.

``However, since that time in our community we have gone from 3 active Covid-19 cases to 20 active cases in the last 6 days."

Jorgenson said the increase in active coronavirus cases in Lake County had led state Department of Health officials to classify the county as having "Substantial Community Spread" of COVID-19.

Earlier this month, Madison Central officials had considered holding a graduation ceremony outdoors on Sunday at Dakota State University's Trojan Field.

The latest COVID-19 statistics released by the state Health Department indicate that health officials know of 10 active COVID-19 cases in Lake County. In addition, 48 positive coronavirus cases have so far been identified in Lake County.

Up to this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, one person has died from the disease in Lake County.

The state Department of Health reported on Monday that 37 new COVID-19 cases had appeared in the state. The total number of active cases in South Dakota stood at 829 with 65 patients hospitalized. Among the state's population, 6,996 persons have recovered from the virus and 118 persons have died.