Madison firefighters responded to an emergency call on Tuesday afternoon that sent six fire trucks to the scene of a fire located about 12 miles south of Madison, an area in northern Minnehaha County.

Fire Chief Randy Minnaert reported that firefighters were sent to a grass fire at 5 p.m. located at 243rd St. and 453rd Ave. At the time of the call, the reporting parties said the fire was moving into a tree shelterbelt.

While the Madison firefighters were en route to the site, the parties notified authorities that they were getting the blaze under control. Minnaert said by the time of the arrival of the first three Madison fire trucks, the firefighters only needed about five minutes to extinguish flames.

The reporting parties had used tilling equipment to dig a fire break around the flames and control the fire.

The other three Madison fire trucks were sent back to the fire station before they arrived at the scene. All of the firefighters returned to the Madison station at about 5:45 p.m.

No substantial property damage, and no injuries were reported related to the emergency call.