New Madison water tower planned for industrial park

MADISON OFFICIALS are advertising for contractors to submit sealed bids for the construction of a new 750,000-gallon water tower in the Lakeview Industrial Park. The construction contractor would build the new water tower just south of the SlyDog manufacturing plant (above) located along S.E. 12th St.

City commissioners this week approved a proposal to advertise for contractors' bids to construct a new water tower in Madison during the next year.

The Madison City Commission OK'd plans for hiring a company to build a 750,000-gallon water tower in the Lakeview Industrial Park, which is located in southeast Madison. The new water tower will stand about 140 feet tall. The builder will install all piping and valves and all mechanical, electrical and control equipment to make the facility fully operational.

Brad Lawrence, municipal utility director, said city officials decided to construct the new water tower south of the SlyDog manufacturing plant located along S.E. 12th St. in the industrial park. Madison officials had a choice of locating the new water tower in the industrial park or building a water tower on or near the same location where the city's northwest water tower is currently located.

Madison officials plan to open all of the sealed bids submitted for the water tower-construction project at City Hall at 11 a.m. on Aug. 11.

Lawrence said several construction contractors have already spoken to city officials about their interest in working on the project. The contractors have asked for more information about contract specifications and the selected construction site.

According to Lawrence, if weather cooperates, the construction company that wins the project could start construction this year. They should complete the major portions of the water tower construction within an 18- to 20-month schedule. However, the successful coating of the interior of the water tank will require moderate temperatures for a successful installation. The proper coating of the water tank's insides will require temperatures of at least 55 degrees with no dropping below that temperature level while the tank coating is applied and it cures.

The construction company is expected to provide all corrosion protection-system components, including coatings, linings and cathodic-protection systems. The ground floor of the water tower will contain a control room and storage area.

Zoning ordinance

The city commissioners heard the second reading and approved an amendment on Monday to Madison's zoning ordinances that allows property owners in single family residence-zoned areas to use their lots for off-street parking.

The property owners can install off-street parking as a primary use for the land if they install the proper lighting fixtures and provide proper setbacks and screening.

The land owners need to provide either "shoe box"-style and/or some types of "dark-sky"-friendly lighting fixtures when the parking lot lighting is installed.

The property owners also need to provide the proper screening of a fence, wall or shrubbery at a minimum of 4 feet in height and of a type that provides adequate screening as determined by the city's board of adjustment. In addition, the landowners need to create a setback area of at least 5 feet between the parking lot's surface and property line. City officials can provide exceptions where a screen fence or wall is provided, and they can reduce the required setback to 2 feet from the property line.