City OK's substantial completion request, hears complaint about pavement

PAT MULLEN, an E. Center St. resident, spoke to the city commissioners on Monday about damage to the paved entryway to an alley connected to S. Division Ave. Mullen said the damage was caused during a water-main improvement project that was performed this summer, and he had concerns that repairs weren't yet made.

The city commissioners on Monday authorized Madison's mayor to sign a certificate of substantial completion for a infrastructure-improvement project that was scheduled this summer along Division Ave. on the east side of Madison.

Halme Inc., a Bryant-based contractor, was hired to perform water main and service installation, handle grading and provide asphalt and gravel surfacing on Division Ave. between N. 1st and S. 4th streets. The project was scheduled to start in early June.

Chad Comes, city engineer, told the commissioners that the project was substantially complete. However, Comes said the construction contractor was aware that workers would need to make "fixes" to pavement in the Division Ave. work area.

When asked by Commissioner Bob Thill, Comes said the pavement on Division Ave. was laid 4 inches thick for the street surfacing.

Division Ave. between N. 2nd and S. 4th streets is a mixture of asphalt and gravel surfacing. Streets in the neighborhood provide truck and trailer access to Madison Livestock Sales.

During discussion held about the certificate of substantial completion, Pat Mullen, a resident on the 800 block of E. Center St., presented several complaints about the results of the Division Ave. project.

First, Mullen said the grade of Division Ave. wasn't the same after the work was completed as compared to the street's grade before the project started. Second, Mullen called the condition of a paved alley that connects to S. Division Ave. "a catastrophe." Mullen told the commissioners that he wanted more time to speak to them about the Division Ave. project during the meeting's public comment time.

During that period, Mullen said the residential housing on the south side of E. Center St. near Division Ave. had garages behind the homes and a paved alley that connected them to Division Ave. Mullen described the street project as having "completely destroyed the end of the blacktop" that connected the alley to Division Ave. He also told the commissioners that he believed the damage was caused by the construction crews or a crew performing electrical work next to the alley entrance.

Mullen said he had spoken to a construction foreman about the asphalt damage and was told workers would make repairs. Mullen pointed out that the repairs weren't made by the end of August.

Halme Inc. had provided a weekly project update on July 21 that included -- for the July 22-31 work period -- that the crews would finish paving and site cleanup and would perform the final walk-through and list punchlist items. Within a July 8 weekly update, the construction contractor had scheduled asphalt surfacing between Center St. and N.E. 1st St. during July 8-17.

Mullen also said that if the grade was changed for Division Ave., residents who drove vehicles in and out of the alley could experience problems. He asked the commissioners to follow through with their oversight of the construction project.