Candy Clove CBD, C9 Computing establish stores on Egan Ave.

DEVIN ROST and Wendy Rost with their canine friends Juniper and Finley pose at the entrance of two new businesses setting up shop on Egan Ave. in downtown Madison -- Candy Clove CBD and C9 Computing. Candy Clove, managed by Devin Rost, will offer customers CBD products; C9 Computing, managed by Devin's brother Brennan, will help tech users with their computer and smartphone needs. Wendy Rost, their mother, is a Sioux Falls real-estate broker.

The owners of two new businesses in downtown Madison are currently stocking up on the wares for their shops, which will serve customers interested in computer technology and the nonnarcotic products gleaned from hemp plants.

Devin and Brennan Rost, brothers, are setting up Candy Clove CBD and C9 Computing at 102 S. Egan Ave., near the intersection of Egan Ave. and Center St. Devin Rost will manage the Candy Clove shop and Brennan Rost will operate C9 Computing, a computer repair and maintenance business.

Candy Clove CBD will offer customers a number of CBD -- more formally known as cannabidol -- products. CBD is an extract taken from hemp plants that doesn't contain the narcotic THC that's found in marijuana plants.

"Our products are legal in all 50 states," Devin Rost said.

He said Candy Clove will sell CBD products that are either considered full-spectrum or isolate products, but all of the consumer items will contain less than 0.3% THC.

During the last couple of years, researchers in the United States started studying possible beneficial effects of CBD for help with anxiety, perception, movement disorders (such as tremors) and pain. Rost pointed out a poster in the Candy Clove shop that illustrates proposed CBD benefits, including relief from arthritis and body aches, improved sleep, immune support and nausea reduction.

Devin Rost said a common method for some CBD users to "take" the oil products involves placing a drop of the oil under the tongue. Consumers can inhale cannabidol smoke or vapor, swallow it in a pill form, apply CBD to the skin as a lotion or creme, or consume it as an ingredient in food. Rost added that, in the future, the Madison shop may sell CBD baked goods.

Rost said many of their current CBD products originate from Colorado and Arizona. The shop will sell vegan and non-GMO items.

The researchers studying cannabidol report that the substance does not appear to have any intoxicating effects such as the "high" from the THC in marijuana. Cannabidol is currently under research for offering possible anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic effects, providing help with stabilizing moods.

Devin Rost currently studies at Dakota State University. His brother Brennan has attended college in San Diego, Calif., and will manage the C9 Computing business. Brennan Rost, who wasn't present during the interview, plans to offer repair services for laptop computers, tablets and cellular devices. He can assist customers with diagnosing problems and troubleshooting tech difficulties, and he's also interested in helping customers with requests for custom-built personal computers.

"As part of (C9 Computing), we will offer computer- and smartphone-related information, and we're interested in helping people with all of their tech needs," Devin Rost said.

According to Devin Rost, his brother will help new tech users with becoming accustomed with online technology, such as setting up email sites and expanding Facebook use.

Devin Rost said the store also plans to offer customers a lounge area where they can play video games. He also described Candy Clove CBD and C9 Computing as family-operated businesses that are "dog-friendly." During the interview, his shepherd labrador-mix Juniper and his mother Wendy Rost's Maltese, named Finley, were lounging in the shop.