The Madison City Commission on Monday set a bid date for sidewalk-construction contractors to submit proposals for building new sidewalks in certain Madison neighborhoods this summer.

Chad Comes, city engineer, said city officials have grouped together the new sidewalk-related work for both city and private property for contractors to bid on. City officials have asked property owners in six neighborhoods to install sidewalks this summer if the walkways don't already exist on their property. During the annual sidewalk projects, the city typically pays for the ADA-compliant crosswalks that are installed at street intersections.

In the advertisement, city officials have informed any interested contractors that this summer's sidewalk project could involve the removal and replacement of 157 feet of curb and gutter, removal of 1,821 to 6,941 square feet of sidewalk, installation of 9,280 to 24,845 square feet of 4-, 6- and 8-inch-thick sidewalk and pavement. The overall project would also involve the installation of 144 square feet of detectable warning panels and providing traffic and erosion controls.

According to Comes, the list of work items in the advertisement includes tasks performed and paid for by the city and work performed to build sidewalks for private-property owners. The advertisement includes, "The project will be bid as Schedule 1 for generally guaranteed work and Schedule 2 for non-guaranteed work which may be accomplished by private landowners."

If any landowners decide to hire their own sidewalk-construction contractors, city personnel can subtract that work from Madison's contract with its sidewalk builders.

The six project areas are identified by their neighborhoods:

-- S. Grant Ave. between S.E 4th St. and Silver Creek Circle.

-- N.W. 1st St. between N. Liberty and N. Chicago avenues.

-- N. Josephine Ave. between N.W. 6th and N.W. 7th streets.

-- S.W. 4th St. between S. Union and S. Egan avenues.

-- Olive Ave. between N.W. 2nd and S.W. 2nd streets.

-- N. Union Ave. between N.W. 6th and N.W. 7th streets.

Contractors are expected to submit their bids for the project by 2 p.m. on March 4 at the Madison Finance Office.

Commission appointment

The city commissioners approved appointing Michael Johnson of Madison to the Madison Planning Commission and the city board of adjustment.