Beauty Bar to open here Monday

KIM DYBDAHL (left) and Katie Jeratowski have been friends since Dybdahl opened Small Town Girlz in Madison. Now the two women are going into business together with The Beauty Bar, which will open on Monday.

Friends open doors for one another and hold them open when arms are full.

With that spirit and solid business experience, Katie Jeratowski and Kim Dybdahl are opening the doors of The Beauty Bar next week. Located on S. Egan Ave. in the former Karl's location, the business will be a one-stop haven for women who want to be pampered.

"What we wanted to bring to town is something we don't have," Jeratowski said.

The business will include the boutique merchandise that Dybdahl has offered at Small Town Girlz, as well as a full salon experience including tanning. This partnership arose when Jeratowski's original vision began to wobble about a month ago.

The local entrepreneur and her husband, Matt Jeratowski, purchased the Econ-O-Wash Laundromat on S. Egan in September 2019. They had already owned Barbed Wire-N-Lace (which has since been sold), Always Tan and Asphalt Pros.

The purchase provided not only another revenue stream but also space for another business venture, because the building included the space that Karl's was renting. They knew then that Karl's planned to relocate and began to consider uses for the building.

"Our big thing is to keep as much sale tax money in town as possible," Jeratowski said.

In looking around, she began to realize the need for a spa, a salon that offered manicures and pedicures and eyebrow microblading. Ideally, it would offer tanning and a little shopping as well.

"To have someplace that has just about everything you can think of just is not here," she said.

Not knowing an exact timeline, she began to look for hair stylists and cosmetologists who could embrace her vision and wanted to help offer that kind of experience in Madison. Unfortunately, with COVID-related delays, the individuals who had committed to participating chose to pursue other options.

Jeratowski understood.

"You do the things you have to do for your family," she said.

However, that created a bit of a quandary for her new business venture.

"My whole platform changed in a day," Jeratowski indicated, noting that a year's worth of thinking and planning had been erased.

At that point, her friendship with Dybdahl proved to be a godsend. The women became acquainted when Dybdahl opened Small Town Girlz in February 2019 and Jeratowski sent flowers. They became friends because they have children in the same class.

They could see the benefits of joining forces, which influenced Jeratowski's perspective regarding the last-minute change in direction.

"It's a blessing in disguise," she said.

Angie Sanchez will be providing cosmetology services. Although she lives in Madison, she has worked outside the community because there has been no place for her to utilize her full skillset in town. She will offer manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading.

"The whole purpose of this salon is to bring services into town that everybody travels outside of town for," Jeratowski said.

Sanchez is also a hair stylist, although Jeratowski said another may be hired depending upon the demand. She said she has had individuals indicate interest but won't make a decision until after The Beauty Bar opens.

Once a month, The Beauty Bar will also offer permanent makeup when an artist comes from Rapid City to provide the service. A special room had been constructed for this purpose and other special services.

Currently, tanning will continue to be offered at Always Tan, but it will be offered at The Beauty Bar when the new tanning beds arrive. Sunless tanning will then become available.

Dybdahl said she will continue to offer much of the same merchandise that she has been offering at Small Town Girlz. Her taste migrates toward neutral colors and layers. She describes the style as edgy and trendy. She has expanded to offer plus sizes and children's clothing.

With the holidays approaching, her home decor items focus on the season. With flocked trees and other ornaments, interspersed with racks of clothing, the new business location exudes a homey bonhomie.

For her, one of the benefits will be expanded hours. Employees will be flexible, assisting those who have appointments to use the tanning beds as well as those who purchase merchandise.

"It's a whole entire team effort," Jeratowski said.

The Beauty Bar will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sanchez will see clients by appointment only.

The business will have a soft opening on Monday and a grand opening after owners and staff have worked out the kinks. They are currently looking forward to hosting holiday events and to offering local women the kind of spa experience they previously would have had to travel to enjoy.

"I know this is a good thing. I know this is what we need," Jeratowski said.


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