Madison commissioners reviewed on Monday the most recent plans and recommendations made by the city Parks and Recreation Board regarding the use of municipal sports complexes this spring and summer, especially by baseball and softball teams.

Mike McGillivray, parks supervisor, reviewed the parks board's recommendations and started by saying that the board members decided not to hold any sports tournaments in June.

However, the local sports associations can start their league play on June 1, if no spike in COVID-19 cases occur. The parks board members plan to review proposals for holding July tournaments during their June 9 meeting.

During the league play -- which could start on June 1 -- McGillivray said that players, coaches and spectators would need to follow certain rules that include social-distancing for everyone and no spectators in bleachers. Every person is expected to watch from the sidelines.

According to McGillivray, the officials with the sports associations would need to procure the insurance needed for their programs. McGillivray added that officials with the South Dakota American Legion were working on conducting a baseball program in the state this summer.

Commissioner Bob Thill asked about the operation of ballfield concession stands. The sports associations operate some concession stands at Madison ballfields. McGillivray said the operators could follow guidelines that are used by restaurants to provide takeout meals. Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin recommended the installation of Plexiglas shields at the concession-stand counters.

The sports associations are expected to have the responsibility for enhanced cleaning at the ballfield concession stands.

McGillivray reiterated that the Madison sports associations were planning for league play to start on June 1, but the organizations would not hold tournaments in June.

Mayor Marshall Dennert said he had participated in conferences with other South Dakota mayors in which local sports programs were discussed. According to Dennert, other communities are allowing team athletics, but the local associations have to take the responsibility for safe operations.

McGillivray and Madison officials also discussed liability waivers and insurance that the associations need to purchase. McGillivray also noted that no one is required to participate in the team sports programs or attend any games.

The city commissioners unanimously approved the park and rec board's recommendations.