The city commissioners have approved contracts with Rapid City and Roseville, Minn., companies to provide chemicals during 2021 that will help technicians operate Madison's water treatment plant.

During their last 2020 meeting, the commissioners approved a contract with Pete Lien & Sons of Rapid City to provide Madison with lime at a cost of $166.30 per ton. Lien & Sons submitted a bid to provide about 275 tons of lime to Madison at a total estimated cost of $45,730.

Lhoist North America of Genevieve, Mo., submitted a bid to supply lime at a cost of $336.64 per ton.

Hawkins Inc. of Roseville, Minn., provided bids for liquid chlorine, ferric chloride, fluosilicic acid and aqueous ammonia that were accepted by the commissioners. Hawkins Inc. will provide liquid chlorine at $55 per hundredweight, ferric chloride at $5.80 per gallon, fluosilicic acid at $4.60 per gallon and aqueous ammonia at $3.63 per gallon.

At the expected quantities for the chemicals, Hawkins Inc. will likely charge Madison $27,120 to fulfill the contract.

No company provided a bid to city officials to supply an estimated 15 tons of carbon dioxide to Madison.