Madison utilities repair water-main break

CITY UTILITY workers dig up part of N.E. 8th St. on Wednesday morning to repair an underground water-main break. The leaking water main was discovered late Tuesday. Some neighborhoods in northeast Madison may have low water pressure until repairs are complete.

Staff with the Madison Utilities Department reported at about 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday that a water-main break had occurred in northeast Madison.

The neighborhoods experiencing water problems are located south of the city's middle- and high-school complex. The underground utility-line break affects neighborhoods in an area along N. Summit Ave. between N.E. 8th and N.E. 9th streets and along N.E. 8th St. between Summit and Roosevelt avenues.

Residents living in those neighborhoods and surrounding areas may have low water pressure until repairs are complete.

Due to safety concerns, crews started repair work at daybreak on Wednesday. Brad Lawrence, city utility director, said the water leakage appeared minor, and nighttime conditions were too dark to conduct effective repair work.